Consultation on Civil Society

30 April 2018
Collaboration image: drawing of a handshake (in blue, purple, and red) with words including cooperate and connect.

BDCVS hosted the NAVCA's (National Association for Voluntary and Community Action) London and Essex regional consultation on the DCMS (Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport) Civil Society Strategy.

In two hours Councils for Voluntary Service (CVS), from across London and the southeast, discussed:

  • the consultation process;
  • methodology;
  • the relationship between CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups), local organisations, national and local government; and
  • crucially, the definition and future role of civil society.

Within the Barking & Dagenham context we will be discussing the strategy at the next Commission Watch meeting and also holding a special meeting on Tuesday 15th May, 2–4pm where we will use the DCMS toolkit to help groups develop their own response, and also develop a collective response from the sector.

BDCVS shall also be using the opportunity to begin our own six-month consultation into a future vision for the not-for-profit sector locally. A vision, we hope, will run alongside and expand on the council's Borough Manifesto and support the sector to 2037.

As part of the BDCVS consultation, we will be publishing a special call for groups to get further involved, and also receive a small grant to help do their own consultation with beneficiaries, trustees, staff and volunteers, to feed into the collective vision.

For further information contact Rita Chadha.

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