Menopause Workshops

There are more than 11 million women over the age of 45 in the UK. This is according to the Office of National Statistics 2011 Census. The number has been steadily increasing and is forecast to continue to rise. The associated increase in the number of women going through the menopause will have an impact on health services. More GP consultations, new referrals to secondary care for short-term symptom control, and associated long-term health issues, are factors.

The failure of businesses to support female employees, effectively, through the menopause currently costs the UK economy millions each year. A recent report by the Government Equalities Office estimates annual absence-related losses at around £7.3 million.

Lack of understanding around the process means the menopause is having a serious impact on UK women’s economic participation. There are now more women over the age of 50 in British workplaces than ever before. By 2020, one-in-three workers is expected to be in the over-50 age group: rendering the issue more pertinent than ever.

With ambitious boardroom diversity and gender pay gap deadlines to meet, employers need to take the issue seriously.

We are running two workshops on 14 November to raise awareness and provide practical support.

The first of these is a women-only session for women living, working or studying in Barking and Dagenham. For women who are looking for solutions to manage menopause symptoms at work and home.

The second is open to all. It is for employers and volunteer managers. For line managers who want to support female team members working through the menopause.

Both sessions will be led by menopause expert Julie Dennis. Find out more on our Events page.