Local Election — Voluntary Sector Asks

17 April 2018
The word "vote" spelled out in wooden tiles.

In the run up to the May 2018 local elections, BDCVS is eager to hear from each of the political parties fielding candidates, locally, their views on the role of the community and voluntary sector locally.

We do also however have some asks of our own:

  1. Invest in the community and voluntary sector, by reviewing procurement plans locally and ensuring that not-for-profit organisations have the same opportunities as private businesses to tender for services and apply for grants. Adopt a formal commitment to engaging with the Social Value Act. 
  2. Create a genuine collaborative approach to grant making and commissioning locally, which builds interest and capacity within the local community and voluntary sector so groups can fully engage with new providers in the borough.
  3. Level the playing field, and make sure that smaller community groups are not disadvantaged by operational and strategic plans, by introducing a not-for-profit impact assessment, as standard, on all reports to council.
  4. Introduce a shadowing and volunteering scheme, where councillors and council officers shadow a not-for-profit organisation for one day a year, and vice versa, to build a better understanding between the council and the local community and voluntary organisations.
  5. Uphold and commit to the independence of the community and voluntary sector and commit to equality of opportunity and outcome by making sure all community, voluntary and faith organisations are valued and respected for the work they do.

BDCVS would welcome other organisations getting involved. If you have another ask and would like to add your organisation’s name to the letter, please do get in touch.

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