Support for Organisations: Choosing a Legal Structure

The legal structure of an organisation refers to the way in which it has been established and the rules which govern it.

Support for Organisations: Getting Started [1]

So you want to start a new group? Congratulations! It's an exciting time but maybe also challenging and overwhelming - help is at hand. There is a lot to consider when setting up a new voluntary or community group from scratch. All sorts of questions need answering and once your group is up and running it will need to be well managed to continue delivering effectively. Having a plan of action and plenty of help and support will help.

Support for Organisations: Getting Started [2]

It is essential that you seek advice about the type of organisation that you intend to set up. There are a number of choices and your decision will be dependent on many different factors. Organisations come in different shapes and sizes, the legal structure you choose will determine what kind of organisation you will be from unincorporated groups or charity to social enterprise or trust each has a different legal structure and rules that need to be followed.

Support for Organisations: Governance

The Charity Commission rightly points out that setting up and running a charity requires a lot of work and indeed a lot of skills, so it's important for trustees know what's required. You can find out more about registering as a charity and the responsibilities of trustees in this factsheet…

Support for Organisations: The Good Governance Code

Good Governance: A Code for the Voluntary and Community Sector is just as it says, a code of governance written for voluntary and community organisations. By the sector, for the sector...