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About Us

Founded in 1943, Barking and Dagenham Council for Voluntary Services (BDCVS) is a local infrastructure building charity and one of the oldest CVS’ in the country. A member of the National Association for Voluntary Action and a trusted well-respected anchor institution we have a proud heritage supporting community action, social welfare and volunteering.

Every Good Act Counts

BDCVS champions local civil society. We provide practical support to voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise ‘VCSE Social Sector’ groups and organisations, that reflects the changing policy and funding environment in which they operate.

We collaborate with and work alongside other local infrastructure bodies in a fast-paced strategic partnership setting. This includes B&D council, the wider public sector, funders and more recently, the private sector and innovative new infrastructure enablers, such as BD GivingBD Collective.  We recognise the wellbeing of local people is impacted by a range of economic, social, health and educational factors. Only together with our partners, can BDCVS support fairness and opportunity for all.  Therefore, our practical strategic focus …

Supporting local nonprofit organisations to help find solutions to health & social inequalities


Positive Peers Programme

School Education Based Intervention For Long Covid

Children & Young People’s Emerging Mental Health Collaboration



Pip Salvador-Jones


Director of Barking & Dagenham Citizens Advice Bureau, Pip is actively supporting individuals experiencing inequality.  Recognised for her candid attitude and witty sense of humour, she is no stranger to transformational leadership and ensuring everyone’s needs are met.

Nighat Bhola


Director Humdum UK CIC, Barking & Dagenham’s local food bank and BD Collective food network coordinator Nighat is recognised for talent scouting and supporting the performance of employees and volunteers.

Nighat is a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur. Possessing a selfless, pro-active demeanour, displayed through her role within the voluntary sector

Sarah Robertson


Managing Director of Future M.O.L.D.S youth Services With over 25 years’ experience as a youth worker, who advocates for marginalised (grass root) organisations.  Sarah delivers accredited training, develops and delivers positive activities e.g. boxing, she uses her skills and abilities to bring the best out of everyone who crosses her path, while running a small groups hub and consortium lead in John Smith House, Barking.

Syed Ghani


Councillor Syed Ghani oversees trading standards, parking, antisocial behaviour, environmental crimes, noise nuisances, and community safety and enforcement. Additionally, he spearheads the Council’s flagship Private Landlord Licensing Scheme. Leading the Council’s initiatives on crime and safety challenges, Councillor Ghani plays a pivotal role in ensuring a secure and regulated community environment.

Our Partners

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