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There is no doubt there was a large economic impact of the pandemic on VCSE, residents and communities. BDCVS recognised the need to build on the unified borough-wide civic renewal response to strengthen the resilience of VCSE organisations to better respond to the needs of the most disadvantaged in our communities. 

Working with partners BD_Collective, BD Giving and Barking Enterprise Centre we developed creative solutions to support local groups to increase their sustainability.

Connexus offered a blended delivery using technology and digital tools but recognised when face-to-face works best.  We developed, coordinated and delivered a programme of workshops, training and networked events and brokered additional capacity building.  This included leveraging existing skills, knowledge, and capability locally.

The workshops, training and networking events focused on increasing skills including bid writing, facilitating partnerships for funding applications and skills for successful collaboration.

The project enabled us to.

  • Provide 1-2-1 capacity building support to 60 small groups averaging 3.5 hours.
  • 60 needs assessments completed and action plans provided.
  • Provided a series of practitioner training by industry professionals.
  • secure funding for small groups and support JSH consortium.

Connexus is a new infrastructure capacity-building initiative designed to support BD civil society VCSE organisations with a turnover of less than £100K. It’s a gateway for infrastructure partners to collaboratively improve access to and provision of infrastructure support for VCSE organisations.

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